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Advances in injectable therapy: Addressing the need for intensification

Webinar originally broadcast on 21st April 2020


Chair's Welcome

It is my pleasure to invite you to access this video recording of our recent live webinar, where we discuss the latest advances in injectable therapy and how to address the need for treatment intensification in Type 2 diabetes. During this webinar, I am joined by two renowned experts, and together we discuss a range of engaging topics.

Many patients with Type 2 diabetes are still unable to achieve their glycemic targets despite the use of multiple oral therapies, as well as injectable treatments. There is an ongoing unmet need to identify and help those patients who may benefit from treatment intensification and overcome barriers to achieving glycemic goals.

During this webinar, we explore the current evidence for fixed-ratio combination therapies as a treatment option for adults with Type 2 diabetes, and how these agents may help patients achieve their goals. The practicalities of initiating fixed-ratio combination therapy in the clinic is also discussed, including patient selection and counselling, choosing the correct starting dose, and appropriate titration after initiation.  

In light of the current COVID-19 health concerns, we also share our experiences of working with people with diabetes on general preventative measures and actions, as outlined by leading scientific societies. This guidance covers general diabetes management priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Please access this video on demand to explore how these treatment options can help improve outcomes for your patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Best wishes,

Juan Pablo Frias


Program Objectives

To explore the unmet needs for treatment intensification and the evidence for fixed-ratio combination therapies in the management of Type 2 diabetes. 



Juan Pablo Frias

National Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA, USA




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Steven Edelman

University of California San Diego and Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Diego, CA, USA




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John Anderson

Frist Clinic, Nashville, TN, USA



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